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Excel Program Inventions

Excel Program Inventions was founded in 1989 and specializes in developing expert programmer productivity software for the IBM i computing platform.

Software Development

EPI's first national product offering, TARGET/400 is an award winning expert system designed to convert and restructure custom developed IBM S/36 RPG II and OCL applications to native mode applications for use on the AS/400 and IBM i computing platforms. The software provides comprehensive features for defining and implementing the DB2/400 database as well as converting S/36 menus, screen formats and data. TARGET/400 was jointly developed with the IBM Migration Assistant licensed program and is recommended by the IBM National Solution Center. It has repeatedly been IBM's tool of choice when providing conversion services to its S/36 customer base both in the U.S. and abroad.

With TARGET/400 firmly established as a market leader EPI went on to develop the Database Assistant, a field level database relations tool for the IBM i. This programmer productivity software is designed to dramatically speed up the maintenance cycle by allowing users to easily visualize the impact of changing any field/s in the DB2/400 database on user applications. The Database Assistant additionally provides functions to effectively manage and significantly accelerate file and program changes.

TARGET/400 for the IBM i

  • Automated S/36 conversion to native mode and ILE from Excel Program Inventions. It's S/36 conversion made easy and affordable.

The System/36 to Native Mode Conversion Aid has been specifically developed to convert your existing S/36 application code to native mode on the IBM i and iSeries. It is simple to use and will dramatically reduce the time you spend on moving to the native environment without the unnecessary expense of re-developing or re-purchasing proven existing user applications. The high degree of automation achieved by TARGET/400 when converting your S/36 RPG II and OCL applications to native mode minimizes the requirement for extensive programmer involvement both during and after the conversion task and makes it possible to move to native mode and ILE quickly and accurately while keeping conversion costs to an absolute minimum.

It's the market leader in S/36 conversion

  • Release 10.1 New release now shipping. Now converts DFU programs to RPG ILE too.

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Awards and Reviews

Product Excellence
TARGET/400 wins Midrange Computing Magazine's product excellence award.
User Rated as Excellent
Independent survey of numerous randomly selected TARGET/400 customers.
Second not good enough
But we did beat all the other S/36 convesion packages out there.
Volvo Case Study
Volvo modernizes its I.T. business operations using TARGET/400.


Keith Butler

Canyon State Oil

We installed and used Target/400 with minimal problems. Tech Support was readily available and extremely capable in resolving problems. The product works as advertised and makes quick work of S/36 to Native RPG conversions. Target/400 is well written and documented and a great tool for new users of AS/400 Native RPG.

Garnett Craig

Fulmer Company

Target/400 was a low cost yet fully functional tool for our native code conversions. We work with smaller clients so cost was a big factor, but we got the results of a high cost tool. Target/400 did an excellent job for us. We have converted two of our customers who were still running in the S/36 environment. We were very pleased with the results. The conversion time was quick and easy! TARGET/400 satisfaction rating out of 10: 9 Excellent.

Peter Frascotti

Madison Cable Corporation

Target/400 greatly helped my company and was one of the best quality products I have had the pleasure of using.

George Miller

Beltway Movers

We used TARGET/400 to convert from running on the Machine/36 to the Native/400 environment. Our programs included both RPG II code and BPS' RPG II 1/2 code. TARGET/400 handled the conversion of both of these beautifully. It has greatly helped us to modernize our applications.

Keith Scott

Hoover Group, Inc.

I was very pleased with the product. It made our conversion much simpler.

Randall R. Wolf

Express Support, Inc.

This product exceeded our expectations. It is a very worthwhile product.

Linda Hester

SkillMatch Staffing

Target/400 was very helpful in converting our S/36 programs, running in the S/36 environment on an AS/400, to native programs. When we had questions or challenges during the conversion, Target/400 personnel were prompt in responding with explanations or creating solutions as needed.

Other TARGET/400 Users

..... And many more

Mitsubishi Truck of America Inc.
Nabisco Foods Group
Fruit of the Loom
IBM Corporation
Campbell Soup Company
Coca Cola Bottling Co.
United Van Lines
First Interstate Bank
No Fear
Fujitsu Ten
Nucor Steel
Volvo Cars
The State of California ...

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